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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What The Folk! Friday the 13th!

The Helen Creighton Folklore Society Presents:

WTF: What The Folk! flaunts & taunts FRIDAY THE 13TH!!
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Friday, August 13th
6:30pm Gathering and grabba cuppa
7:00 - 8:30pm - Performances
Just Us Cafe, 5896 Spring Garden Road

Friday the 13th has suffered from the longstanding reputation of being a day filled with bad luck. Those who suffer from triskaidekaphobia, the fear of Friday the 13th, will likely be stuck inside all day in hopes that the devils of this sporadic holiday will leave them alone. The rest of us will PARTY!

As a tribute to Friday the 13th, our writer-in-residence has created another of her outrageous works of fiction using only 13 songs.
Actually... that's all she could manage before the night watch guards declared "Light's Out!"

Ferlin Huskey manoeuvered PHANTOM 309 into the deserted parking lot just as The Eagles that had been dogging his rig all day glided ominously onto the roof of the seedy little hotel. His friend Henderson had begged him to stay clear of those diobolical GHOST RIDERS IN THE SKY, but Wayne had been BORN UNDER A BAD SIGN back when Albert was King and it had Lemmon'd him Blind and left him with a serious case of the BAD LUCK BLUES.

Ferlin knew that Wayne's SPOOKY stories were a Classic IV case of creepy but he still didn't give a Lynard Skynyrd about GOOD LUCK, BAD LUCK. He just wanted a place to lay his head for the night. Unfortunately... he should have heeded the signs... especially considering that BAD LUCK STREAK IN DANCING SCHOOL with that Zevon fellows Warren of WEREWOLVES OF LONDON . So Ferlin checked in.

Meanwhile... on the roof the squawking was deafening. In the seedy little bar & casino one floor below, it was almost as bad. A singer named Sinatra was Frankly murdering LUCK BE A LADY TONIGHT because he could hardly concentrate knowing that at that very moment, his floor show pals from THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA were dishing up a platter of eagle's Wings to his rival Sir Paul McCartney. Frank had tried everything to get this guy to leave but... no dice. So now it was just a matter of time & digestion before Sir Paul would be joining Elvis in a duet of VIVA LAS VEGAS in that Big Casino in the sky.

Unfortunately... Frank had been there so long he had totally forgotten the policies regarding length of stay at the HOTEL CALIFORNIA so all those poisoned Wings were for naught. And... to make matters even worse for Frank's exclusivity, outside... a car full of Carpenters had just pulled into the lot. I FEEL LUCKY said Mary who was Chapin at the bit to get back into her musical harness.

Format: Open mike unplugged. Cost: free will donation
If you are free on Friday, please join us. Tell your friends and family.
The space is cozy, the coffee is great and the fun is contagious!

Yours in folk,
Host/co-ordinators: Margo Carruthers 425-3828, Cindy Campbell 466-0157

WTF: What the Folk! meets, same time and place , every second and fourth Friday of the month.