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Monday, November 28, 2011

Gifts Mundane and Momentous

The Storytellers Circle of Halfax prsents

Gifts Mundane and Momentous:Stories of things given and received,tangible and intangible

Thursday, December 8, 7-8:30 pm

Upstairs at Just Us! Cafe
5896 Spring Garden Road, corner of Carleton

What is the greatest, or least, gift you have received?
Have you, with the best of intentions, given something that turned out ALL WRONG?
What stories do you know of gifts, real or magical,that come with unexpected obligations or consequences?
Come and hear our stories of giving and receiving, of memorable holiday gifts, or unsolicited gifts of kindness.

Feel free to offer your own story, personal or traditional,or come just to listen and remember.

Always open to the public, to tell or to listen.

Anytime after 6:30; stories start at 7:00.

Contact: Linda Winham

Storytellers Circle:
Where listeners relax while tellers are bold
When tales are not read but wondrously told.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Halifax Explosion at What the Folk!

On Friday, December 9th join us for an extraordinary evening of Halifax Explosion stories and songs performed by Dave Stone and Friends.

Just Us Cafe
Spring Garden Road
6:30ish gathering and grabba cuppa
7 pm performance starts

It will be an amazing evening you will not want to miss!


What the Folk! LIVE! tonight!

Tonights theme is Girls and Women. Rosalee Peppard hosting. Just Us Cafe on Spring Garden Road, Halifax, NS. 7-8:30pm.

Rosalee just sang a Blackbird medley including a snippet of Helen's favourite song, If I were a Blackbird. She also sang a song about the tsunami in Newfoundland in 1929.

Susan and Chris performed an original song called City Girls! Very lively rock n' roll style!

Bruce Stewart just sang a love song for his wife called 'I'll Be There'. Awwww!

Don Burke did a 123 song he wrote called A Waltz Made For Fools. He doesn't say when he wrote it. When asked he said, '19mmmmp!' Ha!

I did a story for my mom called 'Encounters With Seagulls' in memory of Sammy the Seagull. At the end I brought out the family famous seagull hat.

OMG! Clary Croft just sang 'If I Were A Blackbird'

Rosalee sang a lovely song about spinning. Now she has her dulcimer out!
She says that years in every East Coast kitchen on a shelf was a RCA radio....In Newfoundland, one time...on the coldest night in February when the stars were bright Madeline would climb up on a chair and listen opera on the radio while picking at the wallpaper on the wall making a hole in the wallpaper.
Song: 'Up On A Chair'
My favourite line: Warm memories melt realities ice.

Robert Billard on stage- first time at What The Folk!Has been in the north for a while. Used to come to Harbour Folk many years ago. Song: Waiting For The Land To Dry'

Anne Fearon song a beautiful song, one of my favourites: 'I Wish You Could See Her Heart''

Wow! Rosalee just led us in a rousing beautifully harmonized song with the audience...a well known Helen Creighton collected song called Farewell to Nova Scotia.

With a sigh and a wish! Goodnight from What The Folk!


What The Folk! LIVE!

Hello everyone!

I am here at Just Us!Cafe on Spring Garden Road getting ready for What The Folk!! I am relieved of my hosting duties this evening as Rosalee Peppard is our guest host, which means I can blog away! Stay Tuned! Singing and Storytelling starts in a couple of minutes.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

WTF! Celebrates Women and Girls

The Helen Creighton Folklore Society Presents:
WTF: What The Folk! celebrates WOMEN & GIRLS!!
folksongs . folktales . folkcraft . folklore

Friday, November 25th
6:30pm Gathering and grabba cuppa
7:00 - 8:30pm – Performances
Just Us Cafe, 5896 Spring Garden Road
Our theme this week is

“ WHERE HAVE ALL THE COWBOYS GONE?” It was Race Day and Paula was puzzled. Tracy revved the engine of her FAST CAR and waited BEHIND THE WALL for the others to show up. “Those boys are just playin’ FOOLISH GAMES tryin’ to make us lose our edge,” moaned Jewel.

“YOU OUGHTA KNOW,” smirked Alanis who secretly believed every one of them but her was a BARBIE GIRL. “What we need is a little R.E.S.P.E.C.T starting right here, right now,” roared Aretha. “She’s such a GOOD MOTHER,” stated Jann ardently.

As if on cue, the boys arrived pushing their car. “Sorry. Engine trouble.”
“I’M GONNA BE AN ENGINEER,” announced Peggy proudly. “I’ll take a look inside.” She made a few quick adjustments and the car was ready.

The boys peeled off. The girls erupted in a fit of giggles as Peggy described her mechanical prowess. ”CRAZY ON YOU!“ squealed Ann.

Way down the road THE CAR WITH NO BRAKES was nearing the creek as the now hysterical girls launched into a robust rendition of I’M GONNA WASH THAT MAN because as everyone knows… GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN J

Format: Open mike unplugged. Cost: free will donation 
If you are free on Friday, please join us. Tell your friends and family. 
The space is cozy, the coffee is great and the fun is contagious!
Yours in folk,
Host/co-ordinators: Margo Carruthers 425-3828, Cindy Campbell 466-0157
WTF: What the Folk! meets, same time and place , every second and fourth Friday of the month.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halifax Explosion Walking Tour

Hi all - I have been wanting to do this for several years now .Beginning on Monday Nov 14 and running daily through to Dec 5th I will be hosting Halifax Explosion talking/walking tours around various sites in the north end...11, 1 and 3 daily – weather permitting; talking about the lead up to the explosion, the aftermath, some of the personal stories of survivors and heroes, as well as touching on the widely believed sabotage story and some unanswered questions...approximately 90 minutes – $10.00 per person...I have been studying and writing about the Halifax Explosion since the mid 1990s now and have a lot of stories and information to share...For details and booking times – 902 – 406 – 5461 or by email or Facebook...Dress warmly, bring good shoes and an eager mind...Please spread the word for me – it would be a great help...No minimum – but a maximum of ten people per tour.
Dave Stone


WTF Remembers

WTF What the Folk will not meet on Remembrance Day.

What The Folk resumes on Friday, November 25th with a surprise guest.
See you then...
Just Us Cafe
Spring Garden Road.

We will remember them,