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Monday, June 18, 2012

Lazy Hazy Crazy Songs and Stories of Summer

Well gang... I have some good news and I have some not so good news depending on your level of need for a regular infusion of bi-monthly Friday nite folk music. Firstly... the good news... next Friday, June 22nd... WTF! will be welcoming summer in fine style. We will be rolling out the red carpet and rolling in the aisles with as many lazy, hazy, crazy songs of summer (and stories) as we can cram into one evening. Can't promise any Rolling Stones but there's a good chance that we'll be Rollin' in the Deep end and you can expect some serious eye rolling :-) Now for the not so good news... next Friday, June 22nd... will be the last WTF! nite until we resume again on September 14th. Awwwwwwwww! But don't despair... think of it as a time to add new songs or stories to your repertoire. A perfect opportunity to impress us all come September. You'll be the one completely devoid of a suntan... rockin' A Whiter Shade of Pale... but wow!... all those self imposed days and nights cloistered in the basement perfecting your chops will be worth it. We will be absolutely gobsmacked :-) So please... come out next Friday as WTF! welcomes summer and then goes off to enjoy it until September. Bring something LAZY (or someONE). Bring something HAZY ( or someONE). Bring something CRAZY (or someONE). Bring all three or mix and match. You can even come to just look and listen but remember... what happens in Chebucto Coffee STAYS in Chebucto Coffee :-) Xo Margo WTF! is an outreach program of the Helen Creighton Folklore Society. We meet every second and fourth Friday of the month at CHEBUCTO COFFEE, 6430 Chebucto Road, corner of Chebucto & Kline in Halifax. As always... admission is by free-will donation towards the Society's work.