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Monday, June 23, 2014

A Wildlife Vet with Great Stories!

A Willdlife Vet in Africa

Jerry Haigh, a Kenya-born, Glasgow educated, Saskatoon-based wildlife veterinarian will share pictures, footage and real life and folk stories of his experiences with species ranging from giraffe, rhino, lions and primates to having safari ants up his shorts and work with AIDS orphans living in national parks in Uganda.

Wednesday, June 25th


Chebucto Coffee

6430 Chebucto Road, Halifax

Admission by Free Will Donation to support the continuing wildlife rescue work of the Hope for Wildlife Society

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

WTF! What the Folk! Superstition.

Well gang... it's June and we now have only two more WTF! nights left before we disappear to wherever we all go during the lazy hazy crazy days of summer. And speaking of crazy... let's GO crazy brave and thumb all our noses at... triskaidekaphobia!!!!
Since this WTF! night happens to fall on Friday the 13th, under a full moon no less, the theme absolutely has to reflect this rare convergence of influences. And since Cindy will be away at the Mystic Seaport Sea Music Festival... I, as solo host, can do whatever I want... Oh! the power!... and so the theme shall be...
At considerable personal risk...
For one night only Chebucto Coffee has been officially declared a triskaidekaphobia-free zone
Now I realize that the storytellers amongst us likely won't have a problem with the theme but for most of you singers, it may pose a dilemma. So rather than have you stay home out of fear of theme failure... I am throwing out a challenge and a chance for you to...
Wait! Wait! Wait! Curb your enthusiasm! Puhleease!
I didn't say 'stomp' the host although I can understand the temptation.
Bring anything you want. If your song or story does not contain an actual superstition... I, armed with nothing more than my wits... Stop that! It's rude to laugh at other people's misfortunes... and Helen Creighton's Bluenose Magic... must find an element within your song or story that has a superstition attached and share it with you. If I fail to do so... then you have stumped the host and may be eligible for an allegedly fabulous prize... should you be brave enough to accept it :)
So... with Cindy transported off ... into the mystic ...... while the brat's away... the louse will play.
The timing of Friday the 13th a coincidence? I think not :)


Warning from Cindy:
I am sorry ( or maybe relieved) I won't be there, but seeing that it is Friday the Thirteenth, the words of George Elliot: " ...superstitions carry consequences which often verfiy their hope or their foreboding".

WTF! is an artistic outreach program of the Helen Creighton Folklore Society. We meet every second and fourth Friday of the month at CHEBUCTO COFFEE, 6430 Chebucto Road, corner of Chebucto & Kline in Halifax where Mike's extraordinary culinary fare is approaching legendary status. Come early for a bite and stay for the entertainment which starts around 6:30 and goes until 9:00ish. As always... admission is by free-will donation towards the Society's work.