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Monday, January 23, 2017

Get in Shape for WTF:What the Folk!

WTF: What the Folk! Unplugged open mic

Friday, January 27, 2017 / 7pm (do open at 6:30 for seating, treats and performance sign up)

Spencer House Community Centre

5596 Morris Street, Halifax, NS

Cost: Free will donation

Supported by the Helen Creighton Folklore Society

Hello folks!

After missing the entire month of December due to rescheduling, weather closures and Christmas... things are starting to take SHAPE at WTF!

First of all... congratulations to Leo Feinstein, the lucky winner of the GIFTS & GIVING draw at our last WTF! Leo chose to take home Helen Creighton's Bluenose Ghosts. Cheer up all those whose names were not drawn. We promise to hold more such popular fun events in the future.

But before that can occur... we must seriously get in SHAPE.
 And what a coincidence!! The theme for our next WTF! on January 27th is... 


... Could be literal SHAPES like circles, squares, triangles, tetrahedrons :)

... And then there's the SHAPE that a person may find themselves in. 
Like most of us after our Christmas excesses :)

Or... the SHAPE of things to come. 

Look no further than our neighbours down south. Today they inaugurated what could be the most masterful of SHAPE shifters ever OR the most ship SHAPE Commander-in-chief of all time... or a bit of both :) 

Whatever the eventual outcome, we can be sure that there will be a lot of whipping into SHAPE going on below the border. With the potential for a gunfight to erupt any minute at the OK Corral... it's time for all the pretty little snowbirds to get out of Dodge in reality - Tombstone - how apropos!!! I've heard that foreigners could become target practice:)

** DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed above should in no way reflect either positively or negatively upon the members of the Helen Creighton Folklore Society, their families or friends. They are nothing more than the ravings of a deranged person with far too much free time on her hands.

Xo Margo

WTF! is an artistic outreach program of the Helen Creighton Folklore Society. 
Now in its 8th year, WTF!
 is primarily an acoustic unplugged open-mike session for performers of all ages in the traditional & folk music vein... singers, instrumentalists and storytellers in particular.

Co-hosted by the ever-jovial Cindy Campbell-Stone & Margo Carruthers with occasional guest hosts, WTF!
meets every second and fourth Friday of the month at Spencer House Community Centre, 5596 Morris Street in Halifax where sing-a-longs are known to spontaneously erupt and laughter is always a given. 

Come anytime after 6:30pm. Entertainment starts around 7:00
 and goes until 9:00ish. As always... admission is by free-will donation 
towards the Society's work. All proceeds from the sale of baked goods and beverages from the Spencer House kitchen will go to help support the operation of Spencer House.

Parking is available on site behind the building after 6:00pm, and on some of the neighbouring streets. Avoid areas displaying Permit Parking signs.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

WTF:What the Folk! Friday the 13th! Gifts and Giving.

Hello all you folkies! Bet you are ready for a folk fix after nearly two months of being WTF: What the Folk deprived! 
Well get ready for this Friday, the 13th as we ring in the new year with the theme Gifts and Giving. Maybe you have a song or story about gifts or giving or a mention of the word gifts, giving or presents, or perhaps you can give the gift of a new song or story just learned or created. Maybe you have a story or song about this past Holiday season? Or you can just do a Don Burke and play a song that doesn't fit the theme! 
Whether you are a performer or listener, we'd sure like to see you on:
Friday, January 13, 2017
7pm ( doors open at 6:30 for seating and treats, and for performer sign up)
WTF: What the Folk: unplugged open mic
Spencer House Community Centre
5596 Morris St, Halifax, NS
Cost: free will donation towards the programs of the Helen Creighton Folklore Society,

Parking is behind the Centre after 6pm or on the sides trees.
Refreshments and Homemade treats available for purchase, made by the fabulous cook, Stephanie, at Spencer House. Her pies are delish!

Free Course on Song Collecting

This course on song collecting would also likely have some crossover information for story collecting too.

SCC Pathway - Free Online Course Official Launch Press Release 

New free online course in song collecting - 6 week duration Launching on 16th January 2017 on Now open for registration:

OpenLearning is a MOOC platform that allows anyone to create, run, teach and enrol in a course (free or private). Sign up today and join in a community of life long learning!

This course was created by the Song Collectors Collective to train the next generation of song collectors in four pathways toward song collecting (index...

The Song Collectors Collective are launching a new free online course, ‘Pathway’, empowering a new generation of song collectors in the UK, Ireland and beyond. Commencing on 16th January participants will discover the rich world of song and story collecting, learned via weekly lectures and in peer to peer forums. The 6 week course appeals to lovers of song and folklore who wish to pursue their own research, fieldwork and archiving, giving the confidence to those not within academic institutions to seek out vanishing oral cultures. The Course has been created by Dr Duncan Williams from Plymouth University alongside folk singers and song collectors Sam Lee and Tommy Black Roff

Oral traditions, from bothy ballads, shanties, traveller songs and laments to football chants, surround us at home and abroad. Yet such expressions are often overlooked and undervalued in the digital age. The project will help bolster the song collecting movement by training participants in tasks including: researching, recording, indexing, editing, archiving and publishing. 

Via weekly online lectures, Pathway introduces the last 150 years of song collecting, folklore and ethnomusicology, before preparing participants with all the necessary moral codes and ethical considerations. The course then splits into four streams covering the major aspects of song collecting, quickly engaging the group in activities and allowing participants to learn from lectures and from each other. 

The Song Collectors Collective is a the coming together of individuals united by their common desire to celebrate, document and support singing and other oral traditions. Consisting of an online archive of recordings, a support network for song collectors and a number of annual events, the collective is at the forefront of efforts to document singing practices in contemporary UK and Ireland. 

Pathway begins 16th January and lasts 6 weeks until 6th MarchSign up today to start your own journey!

This course was created by the Song Collectors Collective to train the next generation of song collectors in four pathways toward song collecting (index...