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Sunday, September 10, 2017

WTF! What the Folk! New Season 2017

Hello gang,

WTF! welcomes you back for another season on September 22nd.

Unfortunately... the season will be short as...
... Spencer House will no longer be able to host us after November 17th. 

We are actively seeking a new venue and any & all suggestions will be most appreciated. Bear in mind, though, that the location must be on or very near a bus route(s) and the space should already be set up or willing to be set up for food and beverage purchases.

But enough of housekeeping... let's get on with the fun stuff for which WTF! has become notorious. And speaking of notorious...


... full of themselves from taking Lunenburg by storm during the recent Tall Ships Regatta and Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival...
will be our

Naturally me heartys... those scurvy dogs have chosen songs and stories of the sea and/or all things in it for their theme. They expect ye sprogs &squiffys to... channel yer inner pirate, choose a swashbucklin' tale in story or song and walk the plank right up to the front door of Spencer House decked out in full buccaneer regalia where there be wenches and scallywags loaded to the gunnels with grog booty

The HCFS can not guarantee that the aforementioned grog & booty will bear an exact likeness to that depicted in your over active imagination.

If pirates don't be yer thing... ye landlubbers can wear whatever ye want and sing & tell yer lily-livered abominations but By the Powers! ... if ye be inducin' sea sickess in the rest of us... there'll be a cat o' nine tails and a keelhaulin' afore we sends ye on yer way to Davey Jone's Locker. Ye been forewarned!

And... if the sea is not your thing and yer fearless enough to admit it... 
any body of water will do. :)

Rubber Ducky, you're the one. You make bath time lots of fun. 
Rubber Ducky, I'm awfully fond of you. Boo boo pee doop!

Xo Margo 

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WTF! is an artistic outreach program of the Helen Creighton Folklore Society. 
Now in its 8th year, WTF!
 is primarily an acoustic unplugged open-mike session for performers of all ages in the traditional & folk music vein... singers, instrumentalists and storytellers in particular.

Co-hosted by the ever-jovial Cindy Campbell-Stone & Margo Carruthers with occasional guest hosts, WTF!
meets every second and fourth Friday of the month at Spencer House Community Centre, 5596 Morris Street in Halifax where sing-a-longs are known to spontaneously erupt and laughter is always a given. 

Come anytime after 6:30pm. Entertainment starts around 7:00
 and goes until 9:00ish. As always... admission is by free-will donation 
towards the Society's work. All proceeds from the sale of baked goods and beverages from the Spencer House kitchen will go to help support the operation of Spencer House.

Parking is available on site behind the building after 6:00pm, and on some of the neighbouring streets. Avoid areas displaying Permit Parking signs.

NS Archives photo: Helen Creighton 
While collecting, sometimes Helen had admirers:
" A tall, lean bewhiskered man came to the MacLeod's one day and tried to flirt with me. He said if I'd come back he'd shave his whiskers off and get a new eye."
- Page 70, 'A Life In Folklore' by Helen Creighton, McGill Ryerson, 1975.


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