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Sunday, October 15, 2017

WTF! Seriously.

Hello gang...

It's a rare occasion when we have back-to-back WTF! weeks; however... this is one of those occasions. Last week we danced with Sandy & Thomas and this week we will be... well... here's how this week's theme was explained to me by...

Guest Host 
Joe Pitre 

"A theme? How about the serious nature of folk music (no smiling please - we're folkies)? People can bring their most serious pieces... or not. I'm meaning it in the double entendre - heavy as in protest and not so heavy fun songs".

So... it's fun he wants. 
S E R I O U S LY ?

The sun was setting in the west when the tall, dark, handsome stranger ambled into town. He was carrying an assortment of instrument cases over his ample shoulders. People stopped and stared. He asked the first local he spied: "Hey Mister! Could you direct me please to the nearest folk club?" The local spit on the ground and growled... "SERIOUSLY?"

"Why, yes!", replied the stranger. Folk music can be very serious business... or not!" 

"SERIOUSLY?" snarled the local again. Make up your mind. We ain't got none of that there two-faced kind of music here. This is a one horse town and that horse's name ain't "folk" so you'd best move along stranger. We don't want your kind stirring things up."

"SERIOUSLY?" asked the stranger incredulously. "You mean there's no anti-war, pro-environment, save the whales, ban the bomb movements here?"

"The only movements here are the ones that Nature dictates once or twice a day." And with that he loudly farted which woke the sleeper up.

"I just had the most unsettling dream!" said Joe to his patient, long suffering wife, Joan. To which Joan, holding her nose, replied... "SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!"


Xo Margo

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WTF! is an artistic outreach program of the Helen Creighton Folklore Society. 
Now in its 8th year, WTF!
 is primarily an acoustic unplugged open-mike session for performers of all ages in the traditional & folk music vein... singers, instrumentalists and storytellers in particular.

Co-hosted by the ever-jovial Cindy Campbell-Stone & Margo Carruthers with occasional guest hosts, WTF!
meets every second and fourth Friday of the month at Spencer House Community Centre, 5596 Morris Street in Halifax where sing-a-longs are known to spontaneously erupt and laughter is always a given. 

Come anytime after 6:30pm. Entertainment starts around 7:00
 and goes until 9:00ish. As always... admission is by free-will donation 
towards the Society's work. All proceeds from the sale of baked goods and beverages from the Spencer House kitchen will go to help support the operation of Spencer House.

Parking is available on site behind the building after 6:00pm, and on some of the neighbouring streets. Avoid areas displaying Permit Parking signs.


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